Monitoring system statistics

Domino® continuously generates and updates server statistics, which you can collect and monitor in a number of ways. From the server, you can use the Show Statistic or Show Platform Statistic commands. From the Domino® Administrator, you can create statistics profiles and charts.

Monitoring from the server

To collect server statistics and store them in the server's Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF), the Statistic collector task (also called the Collector task) must be running on the server or on a server designated to collect statistics from one or more other servers.

Monitoring from the Domino® Administrator

To use the Domino® Administrator to monitor statistics, you must set up statistic Administration Preferences to generate statistics reports, which are stored in the local Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF). Then you can use the Domino® Administrator to monitor and chart the statistics. In the Domino® Administrator, the Collector task collects statistics locally from specified servers and saves them to memory. For example, when you create real-time charts, it collects statistics from the servers listed in the statistics profiles or those selected for charting.