Monitoring iNotes® activity

You can determine the number of active IBM® iNotes® users on a system and log iNotes® request information. To monitor this activity, set up activity logging to include iNotes®.


  1. From the IBM® Domino® Administrator, open the configuration settings document for the Domino® server.
  2. Click Activity Logging.
  3. For the field Activity Logging is Enabled, check Yes.
  4. Under Server Activity Logging Configuration, check Domino.DWA.Request.

Activity Log Information

About this task

iNotes® activity logging records include such information as the name of the iNotes® server, the name of the user accessing the server, the iNotes® request, the number of bytes returned as a result of the request, the amount of time it took to process the request, and the date on which the request occurred.

Complete these steps to analyze iNotes® activity:


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click Analyze Server Activity.
  2. Under Analysis, click Analyze > Activity.
  3. Under Server activity types to search for, select Domino - DWA - request, and then click Add.