Using mail-in statistics

If you can access Notes® mail on a server, you can collect statistics from the server and mail them to yourself. Use mail-in statistics when the Domino® Administrator is not available or you do not have administrator access to a server.

About this task

When you start the Stats task, Domino® creates a mail-in database (STATMAIL.NSF) for the server. The title of the mail-in database is server Stats/org. For example, for the Everest server in the Renovations organization, the mail-in database is titled Everest Stats/Renovations. By default, during server registration, a Mail-in Database document is created. This document, which is stored in the Domino® Directory, defines the properties and location of a database that can receive mail. To open the document from the Domino® Administrator, click the People & Groups tab, and then open the Mail-in Databases & Resources view.

You can mail all or a subset of statistics to yourself. The names of all statistics are listed on the Configuration tab in the Monitoring Configuration > Names & Messages (Advanced) view. The category for a statistic is the first part of the statistic name. For example, the category for the statistic Disk.C.Free is Disk.


  1. Open the Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF).
  2. Choose Create > Mail > Message.
  3. In the To field, enter the title of one or more mail-in databases for one or more servers.
  4. In the Subject field, do one of the following:
    • Enter a statistic category -- for example, disk or platform -- to get a subset of statistics.
    • Enter the name of one statistic -- for example, Disk.C.Free.
    • Use an asterisk to indicate a group of specific statistics. For example, enter Disk.C.* to report all disk statistics for drive C.
    • Leave the field blank to mail all server statistics.
  5. Send the message.