Displaying and manipulating statistic charts

You can view a chart of historical or real-time performance statistics. Use a real-time chart to view a current performance problem or assess current peak usage. Use a historical chart to monitor statistics over period of time.

Before you begin

Before you chart statistics that are in vastly different number ranges -- for example, dead mail, which has a usual range of 0 to 10, and disk space, which might be in gigabytes -- enable Autoscale. Disable Autoscale when you chart statistics that all have a low number range, for example, from 0 to 500

About this task

The charting feature is not available in the Web Administrator.

To change the color of a statistic


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Performance tab.
  2. Click the color bar on the statistic list.
  3. In the Line Color dialog box, click the arrow, and do one of the following:
    • Click the Notes tab, and select a predefined color.
    • Click RGB and then use the sliders or dropper to create a custom color. When you have the color you want, click the color that displays in the box.

To change the layout of the panes

About this task

You can change the layout of the chart display using the Performance Monitor menu or the layout button:

Statistic chart layout button


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click Server > Performance.
  2. From one of the Statistics charting views, choose Performance Monitor > Layout, and then choose one:
    • Maximized -- To display only the statistic chart.
    • Maximum Width -- To display the list of statistics and the statistic chart.
    • Maximum Height -- To display the statistic chart and the server pane.
    • Restore -- To restore the original layout.

To manipulate statistic performance charts

About this task

You can manipulate statistic performance charts in a number of ways.

Table 1. Ways to view the information on statistics performance charts



Stop or start the charting

Click the Stop or Start button.

Get a numerical representation of a graphical statistic

Click the statistic in the profile list. Then look at the bar area between the profile list and the chart.

Get a textual representation of the statistic chart

Double-click the chart to display a document that you can edit and print.

Chart an isolated statistic

Double-click a graph line.

To add or remove a statistic

About this task

You can add or remove a statistic or a server from a statistic chart without affecting the statistic profile.


  1. Select the statistic profile.
  2. Do any of the following:
    Table 2. Options for adding and removing statistics



    Dynamically remove a statistic from the chart displayed

    In the profile list, clear the check box next to the statistic.

    Dynamically add a statistic

    Click Add, and then select a statistic.

    Dynamically add a server

    Click the down arrow, and then select a server.

    Dynamically remove a statistic

    Select a statistic in the profile list, and then click Remove.

  3. Save the profile.