Creating statistic profiles

You can create a statistic profile to capture information about specific performance patterns or problems. For example, if your system has a slow response time, create a profile to gather statistics on memory, buffer pool size, database cache, and number of users. Then save the statistic profile so that you can later run the same analysis.

About this task

Statistic profiles are not available in the Web Administrator.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Performance tab.
  2. Optional: To see and select from default statistics bundles, click View. You see the system name and a list of the individual statistics included in the bundle. Bundled statistics are a group of predefined sets of statistics. Click OK when finished viewing defaults.
  3. Do one:
    • If there are no statistics profiles displayed under Statistics Charts > Realtime Statistics, click Add.
    • If there is a statistic profile currently displayed, choose Performance Monitor > Saved Statistics Profiles > New to clear the list, and then click Add.
    The Add Server dialog box opens.
  4. Specify the domain and server to be included in the statistics that have been selected and are listed in Realtime Statistics.
  5. Select one:
    • Individual statistics -- To create a new group made up of selected individual statistics.
    • Bundled statistics -- To create a group made up of predefined sets of statistics.
  6. Click the arrow to open a statistic category. Select the specific statistic, and then click Add.
  7. Click OK..
  8. Choose Performance Monitor > Saved Statistics Profiles > Save As, and then type a name for the statistic profile.