Cluster Replicator Tell commands

Use the following Tell commands to manage the Cluster Replicator.

Table 1. Tell commands



Tell Clrepl Log

Records information in the server log (LOG.NSF) immediately, instead of waiting for the next log interval.

The log includes information about all cluster replications waiting for retry. Use this command when the Replica.Cluster.Retry.Waiting statistic is non-zero, indicating that some replications could not be completed and are awaiting a retry.

After you correct the errors -- for example, by restarting the server that was unavailable -- the Cluster Replicator will succeed on its next retry and the Replica.Cluster.Retry.Waiting statistic will return to zero.

Tell Clrepl Quit

Stops all instances of the Cluster Replicator on a server.

Disabling the Clrepl task on one server only prevents replication from that server to other servers; it doesn't prevent replication to the server from other cluster servers.