Entering commands at the console at the server

You can enter commands in the server console.

About this task

If a server is running under a Controller, you must use a remote console.

Most server commands support the arguments -? and /? to display online help. For example, you could enter one of these to obtain help for the server command Tell Amgr:

Tell Amgr -?
Tell Amgr /?


  1. Double-click the Domino® server icon if the server isn't running, or switch to the console.
    Note: On a UNIX server, log into the server account, change to the server's Notes® directory, and enter server.
  2. Press ENTER to display the console prompt (>).
  3. Enter a server command.

    If a command parameter contains a space, enclose it in quotation marks (" "). For example:

    Pull "Renovations Server"
    Tip: To save time and space at the command line, enter the abbreviation for the server command. You can also press the Up arrow to display a command that you previously entered.
  4. Optional: Use these key combinations, as necessary:
    • Press CTRL+Q or PAUSE to stop the screen display and suspend access to the server and events in process.
    • Press CTRL+R to resume display and access to the server.
    • Press CTRL+R (or ENTER) to restore a command line. For example, you might restore a command line if an on-screen event splits it or if it disappears while you're typing.