Shows single copy object store (shared mail) information and reloads the shared mail configuration.


Note: In release 8.5 and later of Domino®, shared mail is no longer supported. DAOS is recommended as a solution for databases formerly using shared mail.


 Show SCOS [All] 


SHOW SCOS -- Displays summary information about the configured shared mail directories.

Sample output:

Shared mail:            Enabled for delivery and transfer
Directory       Availability    Requested  Actual    Max Size
                open for delivery       5       5    2048
                open for delivery       3       6    9000
 Totals                                  8       11   11048

SHOW SCOS ALL -- Displays information about each shared mail database within a configured directory, as well as summary information about each shared mail directory.

Sample output:

 Directory: c:\domino\data\scos1 - open for delivery
 Number of delivery databases requested: 5.
 Number of databases: 5
 Maximum Directory Size: 2048 MB
 Database           Availability    State           Size

 sm000001.nsf       Active          Enabled      14.68 MB

 sm000002.nsf       Active          Enabled       0.37 MB

 sm000003.nsf       Active          Enabled       0.37 MB

 sm000004.nsf       Active          Enabled       0.37 MB

 sm000005.nsf       Active          Enabled      14.68 MB 
 Total Database Disk Size in Directory: 30.50 MB
 Total Database Disk Available in Directory: 2017.50 MB
 Total Database Internal Free Space for Directory: 0.33 MB