Using the Domino® Character Console to access the server console

The Domino® Character Console (cconsole program) provides a way to access the server console from the command line. This feature is available only for UNIX platforms.

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You can invoke the cconsole program multiple times. You can also run the cconsole program when there is already an operational Domino® server console; however, the cconsole input and output may also reflect commands launched from other console processes.

In addition to the current set of Domino® server console commands, cconsole also supports these commands:

Table 1. Additional cconsole commands




Exits cconsole while the Domino® server continues to run

live on

Enables cconsole as a live console so that you see messages sent to the server console from other sources

live off

Disables the live console so that you see only the commands entered and the responses to these commands

There are several command line switches that streamline using cconsole. You type the switches when you start cconsole.

Table 2. Command line switches




Lets you enter the path and file name for the Notes® user ID when you start cconsole so that you aren't required to respond to the prompts


Lets you ignore warnings; warnings continue to appear on the console, but you won't be required to respond to them


Lets you automatically start that console live when you start cconsole

For example, if you don't want to wait for the prompt to enter the path and file name for the Notes® user ID, enter the following command:

/opt/lotus/bin/cconsole -f notes/data/

To start the cconsole program


  1. To use cconsole, you must be listed as an Administrator in the name and address book server document.
  2. Change the active directory to your data directory. For example, enter:
    cd ~/notes/data
  3. Enter the cconsole command. For example, enter:
  4. Enter the path and file name of your Notes® user ID.
  5. Enter the password for your Notes® user ID.
  6. To exit cconsole, type:

Remote cconsole

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The cconsole program doesn't start if the Domino® server isn't running on the same machine as the cconsole program.

If the server fails while cconsole is running, cconsole may not automatically shut down. In this case, enter the "done" command to exit the cconsole program.

Note: There is a security risk when running the cconsole program from a remote machine or from a remote X display. The cconsole program warns you of this security risk before proceeding. Deploy a secure remote protocol -- such as encrypted telnet. To address this security risk, if you don't deploy a secure remote protocol, run the cconsole program only from the local Domino® server machine.


To run cconsole from a remote machine, first telnet to the machine running the Domino® server.