Set Secure

Password-protects the Domino® server console.


After you password-protect the console, you cannot use the Load, Tell, Exit, Quit or Set Configuration server commands or other programs that are not run automatically through Program documents in the Domino® Directory or through the NOTES.INI file. Console security remains in effect until you clear the password by entering a second Set Secure command with the same password.

Even if the console is password-protected, keep the server physically secure to prevent breaches of security at the operating system level.


 Set Secure currentpassword  


Set Secure abracadabra -- Password-protects the console if no password is currently in effect. In this case, the new password is "abracadabra."

Set Secure abracadabra sesame -- Changes the existing password abracadabra to sesame.

Set Secure abracadabra -- If the console is already protected by a password -- in this case abracadabra -- entering a second Set Secure command with the same password clears the password.