Changing the scheduling of unprocessed web user key rollovers

You can change the scheduled time for a key rollover request that you've initiated for a web user ID.

About this task

The ID in the Key Rollover view of the vault must show "Rollover State" None and a "Rollover Scheduled Date" that is in the future.
  1. Open the ID vault Security Settings policy and update the Spread new key generation for all users over this many days field. For example, if you originally specified 30, you could change the value to 60 to spread the key rollover request processing over more days.
  2. Open the ID vault database on the vault administration server.
  3. Under Key Rollover > None, select the entries with a "Rollover Scheduled date" that you want to change and click Clear Scheduled Rollover Date. The schedule rollover date is cleared in the view.
After midnight, AdminQ detects the change in the policy and updates the "Rollover Scheduled Date" for the IDs in in the Key Rollover view of the users' ID vault. Every hour, AdminQ checks for IDs in the ID vault whose "Rollover Scheduled Date" has arrived and when it finds them, creates a new "UserRollover" request in adminq marked as "Needs processing."