The Administration Quick Requests database

AdminP creates the Administration Quick Requests database (adminq.nsf) from the adminq.ntf template. adminq.nsf is used by AdminQ in its request processing.

There are three kinds of AdminQ requests that can be seen in adminq.nsf::
  • UserRename
  • UserRecertify
  • UserRollover

Each request is organized by its status, either "Needs processing" or "Processed." UserRollover requests have an additional state, "Pending Key Request" that AdminQ generates after it creates a Certify New Person Key Request in admin4.nsf, which is part of the key rollover processing flow.

Requests are purged eight days after being processed. The Waiting To Be Purged view show requests that are pending purge.

If an AdminQ request fails, error information is recorded and the request is retried. Requests with errors are purged after 90 days.

Administration Quick Requests database