Customizing AdminQ

You can use notes.ini settings to customize AdminQ.


Use any of the following settings:
Setting Description
ADMINQ_POLLING_SECS=<number> Changes how frequently in seconds AdminP checks adminq.nsf for "Needs Processing" requests. Default is 3600 seconds (one hour).
ADMINQ_ROLLOVER_CHECK_HOURS=<value> Early Access only

Changes how often AdminQ checks the vault Security Settings policy for rollover requests that need to be scheduled. By default, it does this daily between midnight and 1:00 AM.

For testing purposes, use this setting to enable AdminQ to check more frequently. You can specify a value in hours to have AdminQ check every x hours after server startup. Or, to use the frequency specified through ADMINQ_POLLING_SECS, specify 0.

ADMINQ_WEB_ONLY=0 Enables AdminQ rename requests to be used for Notes client users so that these users are not required to authenticate with the Notes client to process the requests. By default, rename requests apply only to Verse and iNotes users.
DEBUG_ADMINQ_RENAME=1. Enables AdminQ debugging for aid in troubleshooting.
ADMINQ_ENABLE=0 Disables AdminQ on a server. As of Domino 12.0.2, AdminQ is enabled on domain administration servers and vault administration servers by default.
ADMINQ_DISABLE_PROCESSING =<number> Early Access only
Note: The following configuration will not be used when 12.0.2 ships.
When AdminQ is enabled, control which of the three supported AdminQ requests are enabled. Specify the sum of the values that represent each type of request to disable:
  • internaltest: 16
  • UserRename: 64
  • UserRecertify: 128
  • UserRollover: 256

For example, to enable only UserRecertify requests, specify 336, the sum of 16+64+256.

By default, UserRecertify and UserRollover requests are disabled.

Note: To enable all requests, specify 16, which disables only an internal request previously used for development testing.