Administration Process support of secondary Domino® Directories

Domino® supports the use of secondary Domino® Directories for maintaining user names and groups that you want to store in a directory other than your primary Domino® Directory, NAMES.NSF. For example, you may want to maintain Notes® users with Notes® IDs in NAMES.NSF, but maintain Web-only users in a secondary Domino® Directory.

A secondary Domino® Directory can use the same administration server as your primary Domino® Directory, NAMES.NSF, or you can designate another server as the administration server for the secondary directory.

When you initiate a name-management or group-management action from a secondary Domino® Directory, the administration process records, in the Administration Request document, the replica ID of the secondary directory. When a server locates and then attempts to process a name-management or group-management administration request, the server checks for the replica ID. If there is no replica ID stored in the Administration Request document, the administration server for NAMES.NSF processes the request.

If a replica ID is located, the server attempts to open the database. If it is successful, the server checks the ACL to determine whether it is the administration server for that directory. If so, the server processes the request. If it is not the administration server for that directory, the server leaves the request to be processed by the appropriate administration server. If the server is unable to open the database, it ignores the request.