How AdminQ recertify requests are processed

When AdminQ is enabled on the domain administration server and you recertify the ID of a web user or a Notes user, the following steps to occur to process the request automatically.

Without AdminQ, recertification requires a user to authenticate with Domino using an HCL Notes client to get the recertified ID.

The server must run Domino 12.0.2 or higher and use the 12.0.2 or higher adminq.ntf design.

  1. You recertify a user, which generates a "Recertify Person in Domino Directory" request in the Administration Requests database (admin4.nsf).
  2. To process the request, AdminP creates a "UserRecertify" request in adminq.nsf and sets its state to "Needs Processing". This step is done according to the AdminP Interval setting, which is once an hour, by default.
  3. To process the "UserRecertify" request in adminq.nsf, AdminP updates the user ID in the ID vault with the new Notes certificate. This step is equivalent to the user logging on to a server from the Notes client to cause the ID file to synchronize with the ID vault.
  4. AdminP changes the state of the "UserRecertify" request in adminq.nsf to "Processed."