Performing additional key rollovers

Once AdminQ has been used to do a key rollover on a web user ID, to allow another key rollover on that ID, use the Clear Rollover Completion Date action in the ID vault.

About this task

When key rollover is complete for a web user ID, the ID in the Key Rollover view of the ID vault shows the state "Completed" with the "Completion Date." If you want to do another key rollover for that same ID, clear the "Completion Date" as follows:
  1. Open the vault on the vault administration server.
  2. Under Key Rollover > Complete, select the entry for the ID that you want to roll over again.
  3. Click Clear Rollover Completion Date.
Note: The original "UserRollover" request must no longer exist in adminq.nsf. If it's still there, delete it.