Configuring Domino Volt trial

The HCL Domino® 12.0 trial server comes with HCL Domino Volt 1.0.3 installed on it. After you've installed the Domino trial server as a Docker container, complete the following steps if you want to configure Volt.

Before you begin


  1. The Docker container publishes the NRPC (1352) port to the host system that runs Docker. Create a connection record to the Volt server in your Notes or Domino Administrator local address book.
  2. Configure the Server URI in VoltConfig.nsf:
      1. From the Notes client, open the Volt Config database on the server (volt/VoltConfig.nsf)
      2. From the All Settings view, select and edit the setting serverURI. The serverURI hostname and protocol must match the parameters specified in the docker run command used to create the Domino Docker container.
      3. Ensure the setting is Enabled.
      4. Save and close the Setting document.
  3. Restart the Domino HTTP task to be sure these changes take effect:
    restart task HTTP
  4. Launch a browser and visit the Volt Manager page:
    For example,

What to do next

The Volt server is ready to use. For information about creating applications and administering Volt, see the Domino Volt 1.0.3 documentation.
Note: Modifying java.policy is not required for Docker.