Configuring Domino AppDev Pack trial

The HCL Domino ® 12.0 trial server comes with Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.8 installed on it.

Before you begin

Complete these steps:
  1. Deploying the Domino on Docker trial server.
  2. Preparing the Domino server.

About this task

To configure AppDev Pack, refer to the instructions in the Step-by-Step Setup Guide that is part of the AppDev Pack documentation. Disregard the installation steps.
The AppDev Pack kit is provided with the Domino trial download and is separate from the Domino trial docker image. The following components that are required for AppDev Pack are available through the separate AppDev Pack kit:
  • The IAM service, a security service that through standard OAuth 2.0 flow enables remote applications to access Domino resources with well-controlled user authorization. For more information, see IAM Overview in the AppDev Pack documentation.
  • Node.js and Java client libraries, that enable you to develop Node.js and Java applications that access data on the Domino server. For more information, see the AppDev Pack API documentation