Domino trial requirements

Read about the Domino trial requirements.

Before you deploy a Domino server on Docker, install and configure Docker on a host server. The system requirements for the Docker host server are:
  • The Docker-compatible Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) provided with Domino 12 is supported running in the RHEL/CentOS 7.5 UBI or the RHEL 8.0 UBI on Linux versions supporting Docker (RHEL/Centos OS 7.5 or equivalent Linux OS).
  • Docker Engine 19+ installed and configured.
In addition, note the following:
  • The trial server is intended for use in a test environment. Using it in a production environment is not supported.
  • The trial allows you to install and set up new Domino servers and related product servers. Converting existing non-container-based servers in your environment to trial servers is not supported.
  • Upgrades to new versions of the Domino trial are not supported.
  • The Java console is not supported for use on a Domino container.
  • Only one Domino container can run on the Docker host.