Setting styles for columns

When you create a column, you can set a variety of display options. These options are available from the Basics tab of the Column properties box.




See "Adding titles to columns."


(Optional) Select "Resizable" to allow users to change the width as needed.

You can also click the column and drag the column divider line to the width you want.

Note: The first two columns in a calendar view cannot be marked as resizable.


Allows a user to change the size of the column. Uncheck this if you want a fixed-width column.

Show responses only

Turns off the display of main topics and displays responses only.

Display values as icons

Displays an icon associated with a numeric value you supply.

See "Displaying an icon in columns"

Multi-value separator

For any documents that display multiple values in the column, separates each value with punctuation or a new line.

If you choose new line as a separator, make sure you adjust the number of lines/row to accommodate the values or they will not all display.

Use value as color

Allows you to programmatically apply an RGB color to column text.

When this is checked, "User definable" is available to allow users to specify colors. This requires an entry in the "Profile document" field.

See "Examples: Adding programming to columns"

Editable column

Allows users to edit or create documents from a view. The column value must be an editable field for this option to be available.

For an example of this, see the calendar view in the R6 mail template. Users can edit calendar entries without opening a document.

Do not display title in column header

Use this option for suppressing the column title -- for example, when you want a column to display icons. This also makes it easier for users to customize columns that do not display titles. If you designate the column as a resizable column, the title will display when the user chooses View - Customize.

Show twistie when row is expandable

Displays collapse and expand icons for a categorized view. In the Notes® client, you can supply your own image pair to create a customizable twistie.

For details on creating the images for customizable twisties, see "Customizing the expand and collapse icons" ."