Displaying views in Web applications

Views and folders created in Notes® may not have the same features on the Web. For example, a view or folder will display as a full screen with default navigation buttons on the Web.

To gain more control on the Web, consider using a view applet, an embedded view or folder, or an embedded view applet. When you embed a view or folder on a form, subform, page, or document, you maintain the same functionality available in Notes® applications, and you control the size and appearance of a view or folder display. When you define a view or an embedded view as a view applet, you preserve much of the HTML view functionality and provide features such as resizeable columns, multiple document selection, and scrolling.

Embedding a view or folder pane lets you combine views and folders with other form elements (such as styled text) and graphics to create a high-impact design. The Domino® Designer templates contain numerous examples of forms designed in this way.

If you have multiple views or folder panes you want to display in an application, you can create one or more view templates that control how the embedded objects display. A view template is actually a special form that provides the design structure for displaying the embedded folder panes or views in an application.