Customizing the style of the inbox folder

About this task

The administrator of the Notes® mail database has the ability to customize the style of the mail inbox. Administrators may choose from a selection of styles provided by Domino®, or use a previously created style of their own.

The customization is made to the mail template, and will apply to all users of that mail database.

Using a previously created style

About this task

To use a previously customized inbox style from an older mail template, you will first need to copy the inbox style folder design element from the old template to the new template.


  1. Open the old mail template database in Domino® Designer.
  2. Navigate to Folders.
  3. Select the inbox style you want to use.
  4. Select Edit - Copy.
  5. Open the new mail template database in Designer.
  6. Navigate to Folders.
  7. Select Edit - Paste.
  8. Edit the properties of the inbox style and change the name to ($Inbox-xxx), where xxx is a unique identifier.

Selecting an inbox style

About this task

Selecting a new style will replace the existing ($Inbox) design element.

Note: Make a backup copy of the mail template before selecting a new inbox style.


  1. Open the mail template database in Designer.
  2. Navigate to Shared Code - Agents.
  3. Select (Pick Inbox Style).
  4. Select Agent - Run.
  5. In the Pick Inbox Style dialog box, select the new style you wish to use. Click OK.
  6. When asked if you want to continue, click Yes.
  7. When prompted "Inbox style update has completed" click OK.
  8. The Agent Log dialog box displays the run statistics of the agent. Click Done.
  9. The new inbox style will not be available until after the database has been closed and reopened.


CAUTION: The Notes® ID that runs the (Pick Inbox Style) agent becomes the effective signer of the new ($Inbox) design element.