Creating columns in a view

Columns display one type of information about the documents listed -- such as the document subject, author, or creation date. One column in a view is usually the organizing element -- for example, in a chronological view, the organizing column displays document creation dates.

To add a column to a view in Domino® Designer, choose Create - Insert New Column or Create - Append New Column.

A view can have a single column or as many columns as you can fit in 22.75 inches (the allotted width of a view).

Note: Notes® 8 standard configuration offers the ability to display narrow views, which have a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal orientation, as well as tiled views, where the information about each document that would normally appear as a line in the view is displayed as an individual tile within the screen space allocated for the view. These views are only available in composite applications. Additional options on the column properties allow you to control how a view is handled in a narrow or tiled display.

To copy a column, open the view in Designer, click the column, copy it to the clipboard, select the column where you want the new column to appear, and choose Edit - Paste. To select multiple contiguous columns, select the first column you want to copy, hold down the Shift key, and select the last column you want to copy. You can now copy or delete the columns as a group.

To delete a column, open the view in Designer, click the column, and choose Edit - Delete.