Using HTML formatting for views and columns

About this task

On the Web, you can override the default row and column settings for a view by using HTML formatting attributes stored in a column. In Notes®, the view still displays as a standard view.


  1. Open the view and choose Design - View Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab select "For Web Access: Treat view contents as HTML."
  3. Create a column.
  4. In the Programmer's pane, click Formula and write the HTML code in the Script area. The HTML must define all formatting and document linking for the view.


The following formula inserts the graphic new.gif if the document was created within the last five days; otherwise, no graphic is displayed.

@IF (@NOW > @ADJUST(@CREATED; 0; 0; 5; 0; 0; 0); "";"
                   [<img src=/gifs/new.gif border=0>]")