Customizing twisties

About this task

The triangular icons that indicate a row or a section may be expanded or collapsed are called "twisties." Twisties are green in Notes® and blue on the Web. You can customize these icons by importing your own images. You import two images into one graphics file. The first image replaces the "expand" twistie and the second replace the "collapse" twistie. A pair of images for customized twisties should result in a .gif file that is 33 x 16 pixels -- that is, two 16 x 16 images, with a 1-pixel divider.


  1. Using a graphics program, create an image well by importing two images into one graphic. One of the images will appear as the icon that expands a row or section, and the other will appear as the icon that collapses the row or section. Place the expand image on the left and the collapse image on the right.
  2. In Domino® Designer, create an image resource from the icon file.
  3. In the Image Resource work pane, double-click the image resource to open the Image Resources Properties box:
    • Enter "2" next to "Images across."
    • Check "Web browser compatible."
  4. In the View work pane, select the expandable column and open the Column Properties box. At the Column Info tab:
    • Check "Show twistie when row is expandable."
    • Enter the name of the image resource file you just created in the "Twistie Image" setting. Click the folder button to browse for the image file.