Creating and using working sets

When working with applications, you may wish to group several applications together as a "working set." The Applications Navigator can use working sets to restrict the sets of applications that are displayed. If a working set is selected in the Applications Navigator, only resources, children of resources, and parents of resources contained in the working set are shown.

Use the following steps to create a working set of applications in Domino® Designer:

  1. Click the Folders icon on the Applications Navigator menu bar and select Manage Working Sets. The Select Working Set dialog appears.
  2. Click the New Working Set button. The New Working Set dialog appears.
  3. Enter a name for your working set.
  4. In the New Working Set dialog box, select the applications you wish to be in your working set by checking the box next to the application Title. File name and Server information are also displayed for each application. If you wish to add any additional applications to this set, click Add Application to browse to the application and click Select to add it to the list.
  5. Click OK. You are returned to the Select Working set dialog.
  6. Check the box next to the new set you have created to choose it as the one you wish to view.
  7. Click OK. Only the applications for that set should now be displayed.

Displaying Working Sets in the Applications Navigator

To display a working set in the Applications Navigator, click on the Folders icon drop-down list on the Applications Navigator menu bar and choose the name of the working set you wish to display from the list of available sets. A checkmark will appear next to the working set name and the applications in that set will now appear in the Applications Navigator.

To display the combined members of more than one working set, click the Folders icon and select "Multiple". In the Select Working Set dialog, put a check next to each working set that you want in the combined display.

There is also a "None" menu item from the Folders icon which removes the current working set from being displayed and displays the complete list of applications. Put a check next to "None" to do this.

Editing a working set

Editing a working set lets you add or remove applications in the current working set that is being displayed. To edit the current working set you have displayed, do the following:

  1. Click the Folders icon on the Applications Navigator menu bar and select Edit Working Set. The Edit Working Set dialog appears with the current contents of the working set having checkmarks next to the application Title.
  2. Select or deselect the applications you want to add to or remove from the working set.
  3. Click OK.

Other ways to add to and remove from working sets

You also have other opportunities to add applications to working sets or remove them from working sets:

  • You can add an application to a working set, or remove it from a working set, by right-clicking the application header in the Applications Navigator and selecting Add to Working Set or Remove from Working Set. Add to Working Set displays a dialog box in which you can select the working sets to which you want to add the application, or define a new working set that will include the application. Remove from Working Set displays a list of working sets to which the application currently belongs, and lets you select one from which to remove the application.
  • The Open Application dialog box also contains an Add to working set checkbox. Checking this box lets you add the application you are opening to one or more working sets, or define a new working set, to which the application will be added.
  • When you open an application in Designer from the Notes® client (View > Design), and a working set is in use to which the application does not belong, you are asked if you want to add the application to the working set.