ToolsCategorize @Command (Formula Language)

Categorizes the current document.


@Command( [ToolsCategorize] )


@Command( [ToolsCategorize] ; category )



Text. Optional. The name of the category you want to put the document in. You can only list a single category name.


  • If you include category, the selected documents are moved to that category. If you don't include category, Notes/Domino displays the Categorize dialog box so the user can select a category.
    • In a view, all selected documents are categorized.
    • In a document in Read or Edit mode, only that document is categorized.
  • The current view must be a categorized view where the first categorized column sorts on a field named "categories"

This command does not work on the Web.


  1. This formula displays the Categorize dialog box.
  2. This formula moves the selected documents to the "Weekly Status Report" category.
    @Command([ToolsCategorize]; "Weekly Status Reports")