FileImport @Command (Formula Language)

Imports a file into a Notes/Domino document or view.


@Command( [FileImport] ; fileType ; fileName )



Text. The kind of file you want to import. See the list of file types that follows.


Text. The name of the file you want to import. Must be a complete path specification, including drive, directory, and file name.

If the fileType and fileName parameters are omitted, this displays the Import dialog box. If the parameters are included, Notes/Domino imports the specified file into the currently open document, or into a view.


FileImport can be used at the view level, and when a document is open in Edit mode, according to what is being imported. If the document is being edited, the insertion point must be in a rich text field.

This command does not work on the Web.

The fileType must be one of those listed . You do not have to spell the name exactly as shown and case does not matter; you have to include enough characters to uniquely identify the file type. In case of ambiguity, Notes/Domino will use the first file type in the list that matches your entry.

Windows File Types

Document Level ASCII Text Binary with Text* BMP Image CGM Image GIF Image HTML File JPEG Image Lotus® 1-2-3* Lotus® PIC Lotus® Word Pro® Microsoft Excel* Microsoft RTF* Microsoft Word Network Portable Graphic PCX Image TIFF 5.0 Image Unsupported File as Text WordPerfect

View Level Lotus® 1-2-3* Structured Text Tabular Text vCard**

Macintosh File Types

Document Level Lotus® 1-2-3* ASCII Text Microsoft RTF* TIFF 5.0 Image CGM Image GIF Image JPEG Image Binary with Text HTML File

Note: The Macintosh does not support document-level import of the XTND file format (MacWrite II and Text).

View Level Lotus® 1-2-3* Structured Text Tabular Text vCard**

*The formatting of the names of these file types changed with R5.0.5. If you installed (not upgraded to) R5.0.5 or later, pre-5.0.5 scripts that reference these file types using the old name formats may not work.

**New with Release 6.

Note: These lists are subject to change. To verify a list, check "Files of type" in the "Import" dialog box.
Note: With R4.0, Notes® does not support importing ANSI Metafile file types.
Note: With Release 6, Notes® does not support importing UNIX or Ami Pro file types.


  1. This formula imports a GIF image from the Notes® directory into the current document.
    @Command([FileImport]; "GIF Image"; "c:\\notes32\\sound.gif")
  2. This formula imports a 1-2-3® for Macintosh worksheet called Hardware from the Lotus® 1-2-3® folder on the user's workstation into the current view.
    @Command([FileImport]; "Lotus 1-2-3"; "SBRAUN:Lotus 1-2-3:Hardware")