DebugLotusScript @Command (Formula Language)

Puts Designer into debug mode, so that all LotusScript® scripts run in the debugger. The command is a toggle; selecting it again takes Notes® out of debug mode.


@Command( [DebugLotusScript] )


This command works almost anywhere in Notes/Domino except from within a dialog box or on the Web.

Once Designer is in debug mode and the Script Debugger window is open, you cannot select this @command again to terminate debugging. Use the Close Debugger button on the Script Debugger window instead.


This formula, when added to a hotspot button labeled Debug on a document, starts the script debugger. Once an event that has code associated with it is triggered, the Script Debugger window displays.

For instance, if a document with the Debug hotspot button has LotusScript® code in its postmodechange event, when you open the document from a view (in read mode), click Debug, then double-click the document background to change it to edit mode, the Script Debugger window displays.

Tip: If you want to close the window and stop debugging, click the Close Debugger button in the Script Debugger window. If you decide to take Designer out of debug mode before the Debugger window displays, click the Debug hotspot button again to turn the debugger off.