AddDatabaseRepID @Command (Formula Language)

Adds an icon to the desktop for the database specified by its replica ID.


@Command( [AddDatabaseRepID] ; replicaID ; serverHint ; bookmark )



Text. The replica ID of the database to be added to the desktop.


Text. Optional. The name of the server where the replica might reside. Notes® checks this server for the replica before checking the other servers.


Note: This parameter is new with Release 5.

Text ("0" or "1"). Optional. Specify "1" to bring up the Add Bookmark dialog box. Here, you can select or create a folder in which the bookmark should be placed. If you specify "0" or omit this parameter, it will bookmark the database in the Databases folder.


AddDatabaseRepID is similar to @Command( [AddDatabase] ) but uses a replica ID instead of a server/path name.

The database has to exist in the Notes® Data directory on the server, otherwise it will not be found.

AddDatabaseRepID looks for the replica in the following order:

  • Checks the user's workspace
  • Checks the server indicated in the serverHint
  • Checks other servers known to the current session

This command does not work on the Web.