EditSelectAll @Command (Formula Language)

Performs the menu command Edit - Select All.


@Command( [EditSelectAll] )


  • In a view or folder, all documents are selected.
  • In a document in Read mode, all data on the document is selected, including field labels.
  • In a document in Edit mode, all data in the current field is selected.
  • On a form or subform, selects everything on the form or subform except layout regions.
  • On the workspace, all databases on the current tab are selected.
  • In a view, folder, or navigator in Design mode, EditSelectAll is invalid.
  • This command does not work on the Web.

If using this command in a hotspot button or any other element that causes a change in focus, the EditGoToField or EditTop command must be used first to return the focus to the document. The document must be in Edit mode.


  1. This formula, when added to the "Set font size" hotspot button, first sets focus to the "Body" Rich Text field, then applies the font size the user specifies in the "size" text field to the text in the Body field. If no size was selected, an error displays telling the user to enter one.
    result := @Command([TextSetFontSize];size);
    @If(@IsError(result);Prompt([Ok];"Error encountered";"You must enter a font size first");result)