NavNext @Command (Formula Language)

Navigates to the next document in the current view or folder.

Note: This command is new with Domino® Release 6.


@Command( [NavNext] )


  • A database must be open at the view or folder level


  • A document can be open in Read or Edit mode

This command executes immediately. Use the NavigateNext @command to execute after all @functions. See the "Order of evaluation for formula statements" topic for more details.

For Web applications, use this command only for forms. It does not work for view actions. For instance, if you have a view template form associated with a specific view, and want a Web user to be able to jump to the next document in a document list without having to return to the view to select it, add this command as an action or hotspot to the original form associated with the view, not to the view or view template form. See "Designing a form as a view or navigator template" in the Application Development with Domino® Designer guide for details on view template forms.