What's new in CF202? | HCL Digital Experience

Combined Cumulative Fix (CF202) includes new features and software fixes for the latest version of HCL Digital Experience. Release updates for both on-premises platforms and container deployments are available. 

This HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Container Update and CF202 release includes updated releases of HCL DX core Portal and Web Content Manager, Content Composer, Digital Asset Management, Experience API, and Design Studio (Beta) components. The release also includes updated CICD release process artifacts supporting Export and Import of DAM assets, new Remote Model REST APIs, Personalization REST APIs, also a new HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 offering, Digital Experience How-To Video and Lab exercises, and more.

Go to the HCL Software Support Site for the latest list of software fixes. Product software can be accessed from the HCL Software Licensing Portal. Go to this Step-by-step guide to downloading DX products and accessing Customer Support for more information.

The following features and updates are available to customers installing HCL Digital Experience on supported on-premises platforms, effective with HCL Digital Experience CF202:

Digital Experience REST API Explorers

Developers can accelerate development tasks using a set of Explorers provided for REST APIs available for use with HCL Digital Experience deployments to on premises platforms, and HCL Digital Experience 9.5 deployments to supported Kubernetes Container platforms. Developers can also initiate and test transactions or other capabilities using the DX REST API explorers.

See the Digital Experience REST API Explorers Help Center topic for more information.

Digital Experience Remote Model REST API Explorer

The Digital Experience Remote Model REST API Explorer can be used by developers creating solutions for HCL DX on premises and HCL DX 9.5 container deployments to explore and test the Remote Model APIs.

See the Digital Experience Remote Model REST API Explorer Help Center topic for more information.

Enhancements to DXClient

The HCL Digital Experience DXClient and DXConnect servlet provides developers and administrators an approach to deploy changes or improvements to the HCL Digital Experience platform, and to automate processes in the development and delivery process. Updates include ability to Export and Import DAM assets from source to a File system and Import from File system to target DX 9.5 deployment, and DXConnect parameter updates.

See the Deploy DX components using HCL DXClient and DXConnect Help Center topic for more information.

Personalization REST APIs

Personalization REST APIs supporting Personalization Folder Update and Delete operations are available with HCL Digital Experience Container Update and CF202.

See the Help Center topics Personalization folder endpoints and Personalization Rules APIs for more information.

Track User sessions in Digital Experience Deployments using Google Analytics

Guidance is added to the Active Site Analytics integration for Google Analytics to track user sessions in Digital Experience deployments.

See the Integrate Google Analytics with HCL Digital Experience Help Center topic for more information.

Updates to Woodburn Studio Demo Site customizations during upgrades

A new optional process is added to retain customizations made to the Woodburn Studio demonstration site during a Digital Experience upgrade.

See the Upgrade to Woodburn Studio Pages Optional Help Center topic for additional information.

Access the latest HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Education Materials on HCL Software Academy

The HCL Software Academy offers technical education for the HCL Software portfolio of products, organized by practitioner role. New modules are available for Digital Experience developers and administrators.

See the HCL Digital Experience section of the HCL Software Academy and What’s New for Digital Experience section for more information.