The Woodburn Studio demo site | HCL Digital Experience

The Woodburn Studio is a website that demonstrates the use of some of the popular HCL Digital Experience features.

Included in HCL Digital Experience 9.5, Woodburn Studio is a demo site for a fictional organization. Its intent is to show some of the themes that exist within HCL Digital Experience.

Woodburn Studio leverages in-line editing and site management tools, as well as role and device-based controls on some parts of the site.

It is not recommended to use Woodburn Studio for anything but a demo site. Woodburn Studio currently does not have E-commerce functionality.

The Woodburn Studio demo site has a home page and several other microsites with one or more pages. Many of the elements are reused across the demo site, which is styled for the page on which they appear.

Working with Woodburn Studio

Woodburn Studio is not deployed by default.

You can deploy, configure, and disable Woodburn Studio the same way you deploy Practitioner Studio. Go to Working with Practitioner Studio for more information.

Note: Upon initial deployment, the HCL Digital Experience search indexes are not yet built. Therefore, search will not yield results for pages and content in the Woodburn Studio demonstration site until the search indexing services have run the first time. This will automatically occur with 24 hours of the initial deployment of DX.
However, one can immediately force the indexer to run manually from the Search Collections screen in Administration > Search > Search Collections from the Practitioner Studio interface:
  1. From your HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Practitioner Studio interface, click Administration from the navigation menu as shown below.
  2. Click Search, then Search Collections.
  3. Click Default Search Collection from the Search Collection list.
  4. To start the crawler for the WCM Content Source, click the Play icon.
  5. To start the crawler for the Portal Content Source, click the Play icon.

Go to Configuring a crawler to search your local portal site for more information about configuring and running a search crawler on your local portal site.