The latest in HCL Digital Experience Version 9.5

Learn what's new in HCL Digital Experience Version 9.5. Continue to get fixes, improvements, and new features with the latest cumulative fix.

To find out what was new in HCL DX Version 8.5, go to What's new in Version 8.5.

To find out what was new in HCL DX Version 9.0, go to What's new in Version 9.0.

Go to Product capabilities for information about HCL Portal and Web Content Manager.

Go to Types of websites for information about the different websites that you can create with HCL Digital Experience.

New HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Docker Image

Using the new HCL DX Version 9.5 Docker image deployment option, HCL Digital Experience developers and administrators can launch development and production DX container instances on Kubernetes operating on the OpenShift platform. Learn more about HCL DX 9.5 Docker image deployment here.

New HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Practitioner Studio

Using the new HCL Portal Practitioner Studio centralized management user interfaces, content authors, developers, and administrators can manage DX tasks more quickly. Learn more about Practitioner Studio here.

The Woodburn Studio

The Woodburn Studio is a fully functioning demonstration website that demonstrates best practices in content and site development with HCL Digital Experience tools. Learn more about Woodburn Studio here.

Migrate to WebSphere Application Server V9.0.5

HCL DX 9.5 supports WebSphere Application Server V9.0.5 and you can migrate to it if you are running on WebSphere Application Server 8.5.x or 9.0.0.x.

The New HCL Experience API

The Experience API is a set of OpenAPI-compliant REST APIs developers can use to the existing set of HCL Digital Experience APIs. Users can access a Tech Preview of the Experience API in HCL Digital Experience Version 9.5

Unsupported and deprecated features

All features that are deprecated in HCL DX Version 8.5 are unsupported in DX Version 9.0 and 9.5. For information on deprecated and unsupported features, go to Unsupported and deprecated features.

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