Unsupported and deprecated features for HCL Digital Experience Version 9.5

Review the features that were available in previous versions of HCL Digital Experience but are no longer available.

Once users migrate to the latest version of HCL Digital Experience, features that are no longer supported or are deprecated can result in unpredictable behavior. Remove unsupported and deprecated features before you start your migration. As they become available, links to more information are provided to help you move away from deprecated features.

If you are migrating from Version 8.5 or 9.0, we recommended that users review the unsupported and deprecated features.

Deprecated features

The following features and themes are deprecated in Version 9.0:
Table 1. Deprecated features
Category Deprecated Recommended action
Migrating IBM® JSF Bridge
  • For both HCL Digital Experience with CF17 integration and Version 9.5.
  • In WAS and, IBM will remove the JSF Bridge from the product. To coincide with the availability of WAS fix levels, an iFix is planned to coincide with HCL Digital Experience, which will contain an HCL-supported version of the JSF Bridge. This iFix will be built from the same source code with proper license, and with the same class names so user applications should be able to continue to function without any modification.