HCL Experience API - Tech Preview

This Tech Preview documentation provides developer user support on how to run HCL Experience API in the latest version of HCL Digital Experience.


Welcome to the documentation for HCL Experience API - Tech Preview. HCL Digital Experience 9.5 contains an early look at the new HCL Experience API. HCL Experience API is a set of REST APIs that serve as a wrapper around previously existing APIs in HCL Digital Experience. You can find more information about our existing APIs by visiting our product base documentation.

HCL Experience API provides a simplified API to lower the burden for developers to work with it. It also has human-readable request and response payloads in JSON format for easy request construction. Developers who want to access HCL Digital Experience programmatically should use the HCL Experience API as a single point of entry.

Benefits of using HCL Experience API include:
  • OpenAPI compliance
  • GraphQL enabled
  • Simplified JSON payloads
  • Enhanced API documentation

Your feedback in evaluating HCL Experience API - Tech Preview in HCL Digital Experience 9.5 is important to help HCL shape the direction of this new API set. Contact HCL Software Support for feedback regarding the use of our HCL Experience API – Tech Preview.