Setting unique names | HCL Digital Experience

You can set unique names for resources.

About this task

To set the unique name for a resource, proceed by the following steps:


  1. Obtain a modifiable instance of the resource for which you want to set the unique name.
  2. Check whether the resource implements the ModifiableIdentifiable interface.
    To do this, use the operator instanceof. If the resource does not implement the ModifiableIdentifiable interface, you cannot modify it.
  3. Obtain a modifiable instance of the resource object ID, that is ModifiableObjectID. To do this, use the getModifiableObjectID.
  4. Set the unique name by using the setUniqueName() method of the ModifiableObjectID.


Example - Setting unique names:
// obtain modifiable instance of a model node
final Modifiable modifiable = controller.getModifiableNode(node); 

// obtain modifiable instance of the resource's object id; note that modifiable  
// instances of all model nodes implement the ModifiableIdentifiable interface
final ModifiableObjectID modifiableObjectID = ((ModifiableIdentifiable) 

// set unique name