Setting themes | HCL Digital Experience

The Controller SPI enables the setting of themes on modifiable instances that implement the ThemeSetter interface, for example ContentPage and ContentLabel.


  1. Obtain a modifiable instance of the resource for which you want to set a theme.
  2. Obtain a Theme object from the ThemeList model.
  3. Check whether the resource implements the ThemeSetter interface.
    Use the operator instanceof. If the resource does not implement the ThemeSetter interface, you cannot set the theme.
  4. Use the setTheme() method to set the theme.


Setting a theme for a content page (error handling omitted):
final Modifiable modifiable = cmController.getModifiableNode(page);

// obtain theme to set from
final Theme theme = ...

// set theme
if (modifiable instanceof ThemeSetter) {
    ((ThemeSetter) modifiable).setTheme(theme);