Packages of the Controller SPI | HCL Digital Experience

The portal provides the SPI Controller in several separate packages.

These packages are as follows:
  • This package holds the following interfaces:
    • Base interfaces for the Controller SPI, for example Modifiable and Controller.
    • Modifiable interfaces, such as ModifiableActiveFlag, ModifiableLocalized, ModifiableMetaData.
  • This package holds modifiable interfaces, for example the ModifiableMarkupCapable and the LanguageListController.
  • This package holds the following interfaces:
    • Interfaces for content and layout model controller modifiable interfaces for content and layout nodes. For example, these can be ModifiableContentPage or ModifiableLayoutContainer.
    • Modifiable interfaces for modifiable aspects of content and layout nodes, for example ModifiableBookmarkableFlag
    • Creation contexts for creating content pages and layout nodes, for example LayoutContainerCreationContext.
  • This package holds home and provider interfaces to obtain controllers, including a builder factory for CreationContext instances.
  • This package holds controller specific exceptions.
  • This package holds the following interfaces:
    • Interfaces for the portlet model controller.
    • Modifiable interfaces for portlet definitions, entities and preferences, for example ModifiablePortletPreferences and ModifiablePortletEntity.
    • Portlet creation and cloning context interfaces.
Note: A controller interface usually resides in the same package as its corresponding read-only Model SPI interface.