Setting metadata | HCL Digital Experience

You can set metadata on all modifiable instances that implement the ModifiableMetaDataProvider interface.

About this task

To set metadata for a resource, proceed by the following steps:


  1. Obtain a modifiable instance of the resource for which you want to set metadata.
  2. Check whether the resource implements the ModifiableMetaDataProvider interface.
    To do this, use the operator instanceof. If the resource does not implement the ModifiableMetaDataProvider interface, you cannot modify it.
  3. Obtain a modifiable instance of the metadata of the resource.
  4. Set the metadata by using the appropriate methods.
    For example, if you want to set metadata, use the setValue method.


Example - Setting metadata for a resource:
// obtain modifiable instance of a model node
final Modifiable modifiable = controller.getModifiableNode(node); 

// check if the resource implements ModifiableMetaDataProvider interface
if (modifiable instanceof ModifiableMetaDataProvider) {

    // obtain modifiable intance of the resource's meta data
    final ModifiableMetaData modifiableMetaData = ((ModifiableMetaDataProvider) 

    // set meta data
    modifiableMetaData.setValue("MyKey", "MyValue");