Defining the workflow | HCL Digital Experience

You define a workflow by selecting a set of workflow actions and defining related properties.


  1. Click Select Workflow Stages to select the workflow stages to comprise this workflow.
  2. Click Select Reject Stage to select a stage to move an item to when rejected.
  3. To require a comment to be entered when an item is approved, select Enter Comment on Approval.
  4. Select whether to allow multiple drafts of an item to be created. If not selected, only a single draft of an item can be created at a time. Multiple drafts are enabled by default.
    Remember: If the first stage of your workflow includes a publish action, no draft items can be created regardless of what is selected here.
  5. Select Allow templated items to be saved in the first draft stage even if the item fails field validation to allow users to save item into a first draft even if they do not pass validation. These errors need to be fixed before the item can be moved to the next workflow stage.
  6. Select Disable workflow in projects when you do not want the workflow to be used when an item is added to a project. If selected, any items that use this workflow have a status of draft when added to a project, but are not staged.
    1. You must also select the workflow stage that the item is returned to when the project is published.
      Important: An item has a status of "published" when the project is published regardless of the workflow stage that is selected here, even if the selected workflow stage does not use a publish action or if the selected workflow stage precedes or follows a workflow stage that contains a publish action.