Previewing an authoring template | HCL Digital Experience

Preview the authoring template to view how the item form appears to the user. You can also test any settings that need validation when the form is submitted, such as a valid workflow or required element values.

About this task


  1. When the authoring template is edited, click Preview.
  2. If you want to preview the item form as a user that is different from the one you are using to edit the template, change the user before proceeding.

    This step is important if the user that is working with an item form generated from this template is not likely to have the same access control levels or authorizations as the user used to edit the template.

    1. Click Select Preview User.
    2. Search for the user (or group) that you want to use to preview the item form.
    3. Select the user, and click OK.
  3. If you added customized help text to the form, click Show help to display the help.
  4. Enter sample values for any of the elements in the form.
  5. Click Validate.

    The validation process simulates the processing that takes place when the item form is submitted. For example, if you designate a mandatory field to be hidden but a default value for the field is not specified, the validation process displays an error. If active content filtering is enabled for your site, you can also use the validate function to test active content filtering.

  6. Click Done to close the preview.
  7. If you encountered any validation errors due to the authoring template design, correct the errors, and preview the template again.