Connector plug-ins | HCL Digital Experience

Connector plug-ins are used for connections to other systems.

Connections Context Plug-in
  • Used to query various aspects of a connections context of a certain type.
  • The supported types are 'service', 'portal', 'config' and 'context' revealing different aspects of the current connections context.
  • To retrieve the current user from the portal context, use [Plugin:ConnectionsContext type="portal" key="userId"].
  • In order to get the URL of the social object that is currently selected, use [Plugin:ConnectionsContext type="context" key="url"].
List Rendering Cache Plug-in
  • Used to cache the markup generated for individual bean lists.
List Rendering Context Plug-in
  • Used to set or remove the current context for pluggable list rendering. It identifies the plug-in to use for getting a list of resource beans as well as the list rendering profile to use.
  • For setting the list rendering context, use [Plugin:ListRenderingContext action="set" extension-id="ibm.portal.ddc.xml" profile="greenwell-job-offers" attribute="sortCriteria=lastModified" attribute="sortOrder=asc"].
  • For removing the list rendering context, use [Plugin:ListRenderingContext action="remove"].
  • For getting an attribute from the current context use [Plugin:ListRenderingContext action="getAttribute" key="sortCriteria"].
  • For accessing a bean list property use [Plugin:ListRenderingContext action="getListProperty" key="nextLink"].
Set Query Context Plug-in
  • Used to set the context for queries targeting HCL Connections services.
  • The context defines the particular aspects of the query.
  • To establish the query context, use [Plugin:IBMConnections:SetQueryContext].

Additional information

These topics contain additional information for some of these plug-ins.