Creating an If Not Edit Mode tag | HCL Digital Experience

The IfNotEditMode tag is used to render content in a web content viewer portlet only when a page is in view mode. This tag can be used to display text, fields, and elements in view mode that are not required to be displayed when the page is in edit mode.

About this task

The format of an IfNotEditMode tag:



To create an IfNotEditMode tag:


  1. Click Insert a Tag from a presentation template, component, or element design field. The Tag Helper dialog opens.
  2. Select If Not Edit Mode as the tag type.
  3. Click OK to add the tag to your navigator design.

What to do next

Additional text, HTML, or tags must be added between the [IfNotEditMode] and [/IfNotEditMode] tags. The text and tags added here is what is rendered when a page is in view mode.

For example:
This content is only rendered when in view mode.
[Property type="content" context="current" field="title"]