Using the toolbar

By enabling the toolbar, you can perform all the operations related to feeds and feed categories without leaving the view mode. Thus, you don't need to go to the Personalize, Edit Shared Settings, or the Configure mode to add, select, rename, reorder, re-categorize, and delete the feeds.

About this task

To display the toolbar:


  1. From the portlet menu, select Personalize, Edit Shared Settings, or Configure. The General tab is selected, by default.
  2. Click the Appearance tab.
  3. Depending on the presentation style in use in the HCL Syndicated Feed Portlet, click either the Headlines or the Channel link.
  4. Enable the Override appearance defaults check box.
  5. Enable the Show toolbar check box.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Done on the Subscriptions page.

What to do next

The toolbar is displayed with a My Subscriptions link.
Clicking the My Subscriptions link displays the dialog box using which you can:
  • Subscribe to new feeds
  • Create new feed categories
  • Select feeds for viewing
  • Rename feed subscriptions and feed categories
  • Delete feed subscriptions and feed categories
  • Reorder and re-categorize feeds
  • View the feed settings

Use the Close link to close the dialog box.