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Every feed or channel comprises a number of articles. With appropriate permissions, you can add and select the feeds that you want to view and customize the way the articles of the selected feeds are displayed in the HCL Syndicated Feed Portlet.

Before you begin

About this task

Based on the number of feeds you want to view, there are two presentation styles, Headlines and Channel. The Channel presentation style displays articles from a single feed. Use the Headlines presentation style to display articles from multiple feeds.
Irrespective of the presentation style configured for your HCL Syndicated Feed Portlet:
  • Click the Expand article icon to view the summary of an article and the Collapse article icon to hide the summary of the article.
  • Click the title of the article or the headline to go to the feed source where you can read the entire article.
  • Click the More link to view a listing of all the articles associated with a feed.

The number of articles displayed per feed depends on the settings of HCL Syndicated Feed Portlet.

Depending on how the Syndicated Feed Portlet for HCL Portal has been configured, you may also be able to:
  • Use the Toolbar.
  • Use the Channelbar.
  • Customize the spacing between the articles of a feed.