New features in Content Template 4.0 | HCL Digital Experience

New features for Content Template Catalog 4 take advantage of enhancements in HCL Digital Experience version and also integrate with Site Builder.

Content Template includes these new features.

Updated CTC Demo
The CTC demonstration site highlights many of the new features.
List Presentation component
This component combines the definitions for header, footer, and result design in one component that can be reused in lists, slideshows, and carousels. The CTC Design library includes List Presentation components for the most frequently used definitions.
Inline editing
The ability to edit text directly on a page is built into many Content Template components. Inline editing allows authors to change content directly on a page without needing to return to the authoring portlet. Inline editing has built-in workflow functions for review and approval cycles.
Page templates
This release includes templates for Search pages and Blank pages.
Slideshow enhancements
Slideshow features include swipe-based slideshows for mobile devices and new slideshow formats assigned through the List Presentation component.
Video component
You can use the video component to add videos to any page.
Content Template theme extensions
Content Template contributes modules to the Portal theme that allow CTC portlets to be used on any portal page. Content Template includes the Content Profile for the theme.
Device-responsive design
You can add design instructions to force websites to adjust their designs to display well for all devices, including tablets and mobile devices. For example, the Slideshow and Carousel components use swipe-based navigation when they are viewed through mobile devices and Index pages use the phone's native date picker.
Design Translations plug-in
The Content Template Design Translations plug-in frees you from having to localize any of the strings in the CTC Design library that are used throughout the Content Template Catalog templates. This plug-in can also be reused to bring in translations to your custom designs.