New features for site authors in Content Template 4.3 | HCL Digital Experience

The new features in Content Template 4.3 make creating your website faster and simpler.

New site template that creates a site with a landing page

A new site builder site template named "Site with Home Page Template" is used to create a website that is pre-populated with a landing page.

Create an index page and details page in one click

Creating pages for your website is now faster and simpler. The Content Template page templates that consist of an index page and a details page, such as the Events and News page templates, now enable creation of the hierarchy of pages in one click. For more information: Page Templates.

Guided creation of page content

After creating a page from a Content Template page template, placeholder text, such as "Enter summary", guides the user through the creation of content for the page. This placeholder text is translated into all supported languages.

Simplified adding of portlets to the page

Users can now easily add page component portlets, such as teasers, lists, slideshows, carousels, and navigation, from the "Create Content" tab in the toolbar. The Content Template Web Content Viewer portlets listed under the "Create Applications" tab that have equivalent portlets under the "Create Content" tab have been hidden. For more information about page component portlets refer to Page components.

New list builder portlet

Users can now more easily add a list to the page using the list builder portlet, which guides them through the process of configuring the list. The list builder can also be used to more easily configure existing lists in your web site. For more information see List Builder.

Content Template pages and portlets no longer require the CTC Content profile

Users can now create pages from the Content Template page templates and add Content Template portlets without using the CTC Content profile. Content Template 4.3 exploits the new "Resource Aggregation for Portlet capabilities" feature in HCL Portal 8.5 CF3. This makes JavaScript and CSS resources that the Content Template portlets need available on the page, even if the CTC Content profile is not selected for the page. For more information, see Resource Aggregator overview.

Content Template pages and portlets can be created anywhere

The Content Template page templates can now be used to create pages that are not mapped to a Web content library. The content associated with such pages is created in the Portal Site library. This means that when the page is moved or deleted, the content is moved or deleted along with it. This requires HCL Portal 8.5 with CF04 or higher. For more information, see Content libraries.

New Getting Started Guide for site authors

The documentation to help site authors get started with Content Template has been consolidated into the new A roadmap for Content Template Catalog site authors section.