What's in the box? | Content Template Catalog

Content Template Catalog is delivered as a Portal Application Archive, which is a package of HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager assets and code that is installed using the Portal Solution Installer. After installing this package you have a full set of templates for building content-oriented HCL Digital Experience sites.

The package contains the following components.

Page templates and pre-configured portlets

The core assets are a set of page templates that allow rapid assembly of a site structure, with built-in tooling for contribution and management, and a set of portlets for dropping additional content onto the pages.

Content-oriented theme extensions

The theme extensions installed with Content Template enhance website rendering on mobile devices and allow you to add Content Template portlets to any page. The extensions also offer a content profile with more navigation and layout choices than the base Portal theme. You can easily change styling to suit your site's graphic design.

Web Content Manager assets and microsites

Underpinning the page templates is a flexible set of authoring and presentation templates and components, plus a set of microsite templates that are associated with the Content Template page templates.

Sample site templates

Content Template ready site templates including a blank template, plus a sample Internet template, and sample intranet template.

Checking your version of Content Template

To check which version of Content Template you have, go to PortalServer_root/version/wp.ctc.component.

The version directory contains the version numbers of all Portal components.